United States

Investment date
August 2021


Leading endurance sports brand.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Wahoo is a leading designer of connected fitness equipment, catering to endurance athletes. The Wahoo brand is one of the strongest in endurance sports, anchored through numerous sponsorships with elite pro athletes, and is well-recognized globally, with sales in over 130 countries.

The company’s key products include indoor bike trainers, which allow cyclists to competitively train indoors on their own outdoor road bikes, indoor smart bikes, GPS sport watches, outdoor bike computers, and heart rate monitors, among other ancillary endurance training products. Complementing its best-in-class hardware, Wahoo offers subscription-based proprietary digital content and tailored performance-tracking and training software. The company’s product portfolio and software strategy are designed with modern athletes in mind, who require multiple inter-connected devices to quantify and analyze all aspects of their performance, together forming an ‘ecosystem’ that differentiates the company and its offerings from its competitors.

Main Contact

M. Steven Langman

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Managing Director

Managing Director