United States

Investment date
December 2019


Wellbore Integrity Solutions, the global leader in wellbore integrity products and services.

Wellbore Integrity Solutions is a global leader in a set of critical oilfield services and products focused on downhole-related applications, employing approximately 1,000 people and historically operating across six continents in over 20 countries. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas and organized in three primary business units: (i) Red Baron, providing fishing, well departure, and well abandonment services, (ii) DRILCO, providing inspection and repair services for tubulars and accessories, and the manufacture and sale of whipstocks, tubular goods and other downhole equipment, and (iii) Tubular Rentals, providing full equipment rental services, differentiating itself through value added services and an extensive inventory.

Main Contacts

M. Steven Langman

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Senior Advisor