United States

Investment date
June 2020


Lummus Technology is a global leader in developing and licensing process and equipment technologies for the refining and petrochemicals industries.

Lummus’ process technologies enable customers to convert crude oil, coal and natural gas liquids into syngas, gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel, as well as the petrochemical compounds used to create plastics, resins, fibers, solvents, detergents and other consumer and industrial goods. Its offering includes highly innovative technologies such as crude-to-chemicals and waste-to-chemicals, which skip intermediary steps in traditional petrochemical production.

The company, headquartered outside Houston, Texas, has a comprehensive portfolio of over 140 licensable technologies serving the full plant life cycle in over 75 countries. In licensing these technologies to customers, Lummus provides blueprints, operating instructions, data, engineering knowhow and aftersales support.

Lummus’ product portfolio supports the full plant life cycle: from new plant start-ups (design, process, licensing, basic engineering, specialty equipment and catalysts ‘first fills’), through operations (catalyst refills, equipment spare parts and replacement, technical support), to refurbishments and expansions.

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M. Steven Langman

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Managing Director