Sébastien Mazella di Bosco

Managing Director



Mr. Mazella di Bosco joined Rhône in 2005 and became a Managing Director in 2013. He previously worked in the investment banking department of Lazard Frères in New York, with a primary focus on North American and transatlantic mergers, acquisitions and capital markets transactions in the consumer, food and retail sectors.

During his tenure at Rhône, Mr. Mazella di Bosco has been involved in sourcing, executing and monitoring investments in a wide range of sectors, including diversified industrials, packaging, aviation, business services and consumer goods. Amongst others, he covers the diversified industrials sector, as well as the French and Benelux markets across all verticals.

Mr. Mazella di Bosco currently serves on the Board of Directors of Fluidra (BME:FDR) and monitors Rhône’s investment in Vista Global. He previously served on the Board of Directors of a number of Rhône portfolio companies, including Ranpak, Eden Springs, and Arizona Chemical.

Mr. Mazella di Bosco is a graduate of HEC School of Management and holds a B.A. in Philosophy from La Sorbonne in Paris.

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